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Yard Waste Disposal

Yard Waste Disposal

Properly maintaining your home’s yard or garden requires a lot of hard work and produces significant amounts of waste. While some yard waste can be collected or converted into rich compost, many households deal with excess waste that requires proper pick up and disposal. Let Dirty Works help you keep the outside of your home looking as beautiful as the inside. From Kelowna’s charming urban gardens to large rural acreages, green spaces can generate trimmings, fallen leaves, clippings and many other types of yard waste. We’re here to help.

Properly disposing and recycling of your home’s yard waste can offer challenges for many. Whether due to time constraints, physical limitations or simply not having the right vehicle for the job, collecting and hauling away yard waste can be difficult. We offer many different levels of service to help you deal with waste from your yard or garden, commercial or residential, no matter how big or small. Call us for a free estimate.

Yard Debris Removal & Composting

At Dirty Works, we come equipped with the proper gear, tools and vehicle to ensure yard waste materials like leaves, grass, branches and other debris are removed safely and efficiently for composting, and all other materials are addressed in an environmentally responsible manner. Our yard waste disposal services will ensure your garden and outdoor space is left clean and livable all year long.