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Waste Removal

Kelowna Waste Removal

Over the years, your house will inevitably become filled with stuff. Dusty vacation souvenirs, outgrown children’s toys and that piece of equipment for the sport you tried twice are all hanging out in your garage or basement. This extra, unused stuff is occupying space that could be put to better use, but what do you do with it? You could try to have a garage sale or even sell it on Castanet, but it may languish there along with everybody else’s 20 year old racquetball equipment.

When you just want it gone, the quickest, safest and easiest way to make that happen is to contact a professional waste removal company like us. Here are a few questions you should ask to make sure the waste removal company you select is a good one:

How are rates determined?

Depending on the items you want to dispose of, you need to know if the waste removal company you are planning to work with charges by weight or volume. A couch is bulky, but in many cases it’s lighter than a refrigerator. Some companies will add significant charges if items are not ready for pick up at curbside, or if there are stairs to climb. The answer to these questions will allow you to understand the price of your junk removal and ultimately your decision.

What is your environmental policy?

Reputable companies care as much about the environment as you do. If their policy is to take your stuff directly to the landfill without passing go, that is not an environmentally sound approach! Ask if the company takes the time to remove materials that are suitable for compost or recycling whenever possible. A commitment to safe handling says a lot about the company’s integrity.

What materials do you accept?

If you find a company that specializes in one type of waste removal, you may have to call several providers to get rid of everything. Time consuming! Take a good inventory of all the stuff slated for waste removal. If you have appliances, yard waste, furniture, construction materials and old toys, you’re better off finding a company that can take it all at once.

When can you come?

When you have decided to take back your space, it is important to keep up the momentum. A local company should be able to accommodate a next-day appointment, and in many cases, a same-day appointment can be arranged.

Be careful! Disposing of clutter may be addictive! That’s okay, once you have found a reliable company to remove waste, you can keep them coming back for more!