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Tenant Vacancies

Trash & Waste Removal From Vacated Tenants

Dirty Works can help clean up your rental property for new tenants with fast, efficient and safe removal of items left by the previous occupants. When it comes to recently vacated rental properties, we have seen it all including abandoned furniture, broken appliances or electronics, miscellaneous rubbish, all the way down to damaged flooring, drywall & fixtures. Dirty Works can remove every last bit of unwanted junk to get your rental property back in top condition and ready for your next tenant.

Trash Removal from Rental Properties

We know that sometimes landlord and tenant relationships don’t work out as planned. Tenants on their way out have been known to leave piles of rubbish and waste, leaving the property in a condition that is unsuitable for prospective tenants. It’s obviously very upsetting when you thought that a fresh coat of paint would be all you’d need to bring in that new tenant for your rental space.

What can you do when you learn that your rental property has been left in a derelict state? Don’t despair! Dirty Works can be on the way to help get your suite ready for showings after one quick call. Our rates are competitive, our quotes are easy to understand, and our team is quick and very professional. There is no need to get your hands dirty to get your rental property ready for new tenants.

Safe and Environmentally Sound Waste Removal

If you have any reason to believe your property has been home to illegal activity (i.e., grow-ops), we can safely take care of the materials left behind. Dirty Works can perform the minor demolition work that needs to be carried out to make your rental property a safe space again. When necessary, we can consult with an environmental remediation specialist to ensure no contaminated products remain.

Don’t worry about the environmental ramifications of cleaning up your rental space. You can safely leave this in our hands. Dirty Works is a Kelowna based company. We care about safe disposal practices in your community because this is OUR community too. As a company, we are committed to the environmentally sound disposal of the items we no longer need, and to the safe handling of potentially harmful materials.