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Junk Removal Services

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A new home renovation is an exciting time. Whether it is the beginning of a new journey in a new house, or the long-anticipated upgrade of a kitchen in the beloved family abode, one thing is clear. There is going to be a lot of refuse left behind that needs to be disposed of before the real work can begin. Dirty Works Kelowna can become part of your renovation team with prompt, professional junk removal services that are guaranteed not to hold up your construction projects. Our knowledgeable, flexible team may even be available to help get things started with minor demolition services.

Same Day Service

We know that every minute a construction crew has to spend working around materials slated for removal is another minute they don’t have to dedicate to your home renovation project. Dirty Works can be available on the day you call us with a quick, easy to understand quote and a speedy junk removal plan that will keep your contractor working in your house, not working around your stuff.

All Materials, All the Time

Broken building materials, used furniture, large and small appliances, children’s toys and old electronics. That’s just a small sampling of the junk removal challenges we have been tasked with collecting and disposing of, safely. Removing clutter and unwanted junk is often the first step to any successful home project, and our skilled waste removal professionals are only too happy to help get you on your way to the home of your dreams.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

When it comes to responsible waste management, hiring a local company matters. Wherever possible, Dirty Works will arrange for composting or recycling of waste materials, and hazardous substances like lead or asbestos will always be disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion. We care about safe junk removal and the proper handling of your construction and renovation waste materials, because your local community is our local community.